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I am at my wits end!  My I tunes will usually load but if it opens in my library and I try to access the Itunes store it always crashes with the "Itunes Has Stopped Working" error message.  "Windows is checking for a solution" follows but nothing is ever found.


I've tried completely removing Itunes and reinstalling. I've tried updating all drivers including the one for my ATI video card. I've scanned for viruses and maleware.  I even downgraded from Itunes 10 to Itunes 9 which seemed to work for about a day.


I've also done the sfc /scannow which showed some file issues but none that looked to be a problem.  One thing....my Gateway PC came preloaded with Windows Vista and I do not have an installation disk.


When I check the details on the crash this is the info that I get:


I've tried just about everything I could find I still keep having this problem.  Usually Itunes will start but if I click on a song in my library or try to go to the Itunes store it will crash.  Here is the info I get about the crash:


Problem signature

Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH

Application Name:    iTunes.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp:    4d756476

Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll

Fault Module Version:    6.0.6002.18327

Fault Module Timestamp:    4cb7341c

Exception Code:    c0000005

Exception Offset:    00030226

OS Version:    6.0.6002.

Locale ID:    1033

Additional Information 1:    fd00

Additional Information 2:    ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Additional Information 3:    fd00

Additional Information 4:    ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160


Does anybody have any ideas or hints?  Would upgrading to Windows 7 potentially fix this problem?



Windows Vista
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    Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll

    Fault Module Version:    6.0.6002.18327


    And an ATI video card ... by any chance are you currently running the ATI Tray Tools utility on that PC?

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    Hi B Noir!


    Yes.... the ATI tray tools is currenlty running. 


    If that is the problem I have a question though.......Itunes had worked flawlessly for two years on this PC before Itunes 10 came out.  Was there an issue with ATI drivers and Itunes 10?   I'm just trying to figure out why that would suddenly become a problem.

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    If we're talking about the (third-party, not-produced-by-AMD) ATI Tray Tools utility, the drivers for the utility are a bit scruffy. They've caused some trouble for the QuickTime Player since before the itunes versions 10.x came out, but after a while the issues started to ramify through to iTunes as well as QuickTime. The precise nature of the symptoms seems to depend on which combination of iTunes/QuickTime versions and ATI Tray Tool versions you've got, too.


    On a 64-bit system, it's probably worth trying first adding iTunes.exe to the Auto 2d/3d and osd exception list. But just recently someone got past this sort of thing by disabling "Show FPS" on a 32-bit system:


    Re: "iTunes has stopped working"

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    Hmmm, interesting.   So, my tray tools icon is a red box....with ATI printed on it but when I click on it the AMD Catalyst Control Center pops up.....not sure if that is wrong or what that means for sure!  But I can't find any way to access the Auto 2d/3d or osd exception list.  So I'm wondering if I am looking at something different than what I should be seeing under your scenario.


    Man I was excited!  I thought you had solved it for me.  But I think you may be on to something. Should I uninstall my video card drivers and install something else?

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    Hmmm, interesting.   So, my tray tools icon is a red box....with ATI printed on it but when I click on it the AMD Catalyst Control Center pops up

    Oh, okay. That's a different utility. The ATI Tray Tools utility is a third party (not-ATI) thing used to tweak settings on PCs with ATI Radeon cards, whereas the Catalyst control center is the ATI-supplied utility for doing ... stuff with the video card too.


    I think we'd better follow up on drivers though. What make and model is your PC?

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    It is a Gateway DX4200-09.


    1.80 GHz AMD Phenom 9100e Quad Core Processor.


    4.0 GB of RAM


    Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!!!!

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    Did I lose you B Noir?

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    I hope you are still there B Noir.


    I tried updating to Itunes 10.3 in hopes that would fix the problem....but no such luck.  I also unistalled my ATI drivers in hopes of solving the problem but that didn't work either.  Of course in that attempt I just uninstalled them and didn't replace them with anything....just the "basic" driver to see if Itunes would still crash.....and it did.


    Bummer!   What now.....any thoughts?

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    ... finally, another possible way forward has emerged with this one, jd.


    Since we last spoke, I've seen an occasion where an iTunes has stopped working referencing ntdll.dll turned out (unexpectedly) to be related to a problem with Apple Application Support. (Both iTunes and Safari for Windows were crashing with ntdll.dll references on that machine, which was the heads up that it was an AAS issue.)


    So, if that's afoot with your one too, a complete reinstall (including AAS as well as iTunes) following the instructions from the following document should be worth a try:


    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

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    I have tried completely removing all traces of Itunes before...and I haven't been able to get the same error with Safari.  HOWEVER, I will give it a try again just to make sure I did it right the first time.  I wasn't entirely sure I did it correctly so it's worth a try!  Stay tuned...... 

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    So I tried uninstalling everything twice and still am having the same problem upon installing Itunes again.  I'm so frustrated!  I am about to give up!  


    Thank you so much for helping me.  At least I feel like I have tried just about everything possible instead of not knowing what to do.  My only thought now goes back to a driver issue....although I don't know what that could be at this point.

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    So I am still stuck.  I hoped maybe Itunes 10.4 would fix the problem but no luck.  Do you think upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista will do anything?