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Hello, just spent an hour placing markers in a multiclip and when I changed the camera angle they all disappeared.

I'm editing an HD feature and thought I'd try the multiclip thing with the 3 camera car mount scenes.

I read that this was supposedly fixed in 5.0.3, but it's back again??

What was the solution here? Trashing prefs and restarting didn't do it.


PowerMac Dual 2 Gig G5, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    you need to make sure that the viewer window, the playhead sync menu is set to open.
    doing this allows the timeline playhead, viewer playhead, and canvas playhead to be synced together as one. allowing you to switch from angle to angle making marks and making cuts in a multiclip.
    also make sure that you are actually cutting, that will show the markers, switching wont.