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A few days ago, I was trying to update several apps on my iPad.  Thew App Store icon has the red bubble showing 23 apps to update.  When I went to update, I selected "update all" and one of the apps (not sure which one) starting to update but since then is stuck with a blank icon that says "waiting".


Additonally, when I try to select "update all", nothing happens and then the login box that asks for my password for the iTunes store posps up briefly along with the keyboard and then immediately disappears. If I select "update all" again, I get a "cannot purchase" pop-up.


I have done a hard reset several times with no luck, and I can't figure out how to delete the blank icon that says "waiting".


I don't want to do a restore if I can avoid it, but I'm losing my patience with this.


Any ideas?

iPad, Version 4.3.3