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I have a 7th generation iPod classic 160gb that will reset itself randomly. (stop current operations, go to gray screen with apple logo, reboot itself to main menu, and then continue functioning normally)


When this issue first presented itself was while I attempted to "start genius" from a currently playing song. Although this did not occur every time I attempted to start a genius play-list off a song, it was frequent enough to be bothersome (1 in 2 or 3 attempts). My first reaction was to restore the ipod. This issue still persisted. I restored the ipod a second time for good measure, and the random reset still continued.


With the ipod still being under warranty, I went into the apple store. While I was explaining my issue to the tech, I started a random song from my library, and attempted to create a genius playlist from it. The ipod reset itself right in front of the tech, proving that this issue was real, against Murphy's law. He prompted if I'd restored the ipod, when I'd responded I had, he ran out of ideas. They generously swapped the ipod out immediately for the exact same model, in hopes that it was only a hardware issue. The tech's parting words were that if this second ipod continued to have this issue, then it is probably a corrupted music or genius file.


Upon getting the ipod home, toiling over a unique and meaningful name, and waiting through the long sync process, the new ipod exhibited the exact same behaviour. It actually resets itself more frequently and for less demanding button requests, like menu and next song as well as start genius.


I am beginning the troubleshooting process of deleting the genius file, and re-syncing the ipod. If this doesn't work I will attempt a wipe of the "iTunes Library" file and re-syncing the ipod. Short of selectively uploading my music, if neither of these options work, I will be at a loss as to what is causing the issue.


If anybody else has had similar experience and can provide any insight, that would be magnificent.


Thanks for your time and response.

iPod classic, Windows Vista
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    This sounds like a very similar problem i'm dealing with.  A few days ago i noticed itunes doing one of those automatic updating genius.  I then re-synced my ipod.  after re-sync I could pick a playlist to play and it would play as long as i did nothing else.  But once I press the menu button to go to another playlist, artist etc.  It would reset itself.  And forget about genius mixes.  I couldn't even get them to play without it reseting or Freezing.  I've had Genius in my ipod turned on for about 5 months now.  And have had a few random resets and freezing here and there.  It once got pretty bad about month ago and was better after restoring it.  But this week when I restored it.  It didn't help at all.  I figured I had a bad hard drive.  I took it to my local Mac Store hoping to get a replacement.  Since it is still under warranty.  After replicating the problem for the tech.  He thought my hard drive was bad.  Told me I had to call apple care for a replacement.  Thinking my ipod was bad I bought a new one.  So i would have a back up to use.  Once I synced my entire library on the new ipod.  at first worked fine until I tried to play a genius mix.  Then it acted exactly like my old one.  So I figure Genius is the problem.  I first updated genius with no luck.  Then turned genius off.  Now It works fine.  I also restored the old ipod and only added to a few songs to it and it works fine now also.  I think Genius is causing your problem too.  Try turning genius off and seeing if it works then.  I don't how to fix genius if it is corrupted.  I would like to add genius back into my ipod.

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    I got a new 7th gen iPod classic 160gb about two months ago.  I was really busy so I didn't get to use it much the first month. I am now past my return period and I noticed that when I create a genius playlist it resets/restarts.  It does it about 25% of the time.  It did do it about 90% and I turned off genius and deleted the file, and turned it back on and synced.  That lowered the amount of times, but it still resets. I was going to call apple care to get a new device, but it appears everyone that did that, had the same issue with the new device.  My old 120gb classic had no issues with the same collection. 


    A few details:

    Mac OSX Lion

    Black iPod classic 160gb

    20000 plus music collection

    Itunes 10.5