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I have been at this computer for weeks trying to install iTunes and QT on my PC. I have installed at work with NO problems. Woopie...I don't live there, I need this to work here.

The initial problem was the QT error (cannot locate ActiveX control). Well I downloaded software (InterVideo)to transfer home movies to ipod in the event, within my lifetime, I get this thing to work.

It installed the previous version of QT and it is working fine!! Only thing is, itunes got a little pissy and decided that this old version of QT is not acceptable.

Said to reinstall itunes. I did, it reinstalled QT 7 and I got the same error as before (ActiveX) ugh.

Long story short, I am OK with the older QT, but, now here's the magic question....IS THERE A STANDALONE ITUNES INSTALL??? One that does NOT have the QT included, one that is an older version perhaps??? Anyone...please...am seeing downloads in my nightmares...please save me. Thanks in advance.

G5 Video iPod   Windows XP