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Hi, I have an iPhone 3g and I've had it for over a year now, meaning it is no longer covered by warrantee. I started to notice a few 'stuck' pixels a few moths ago, and they came and went so i pretty much ignored them, since they didnt really bother me. A few days ago i noticed two blue stuck pixels just under the top bar of my iPhone and the next day they were replaced by two lines in the shape of a lightening bolt i guess.The next morning i saw it had grown and instead of being a mere 0.5cm it was now 1cm long. I tried a few things: Knox stuck pixel fix and gently massaging the screen where the dead pixels are, but neither of these methods worked. I'm not sure what to do to fix this and I was hoping someone would, and ideas or solutions would be much appreciated

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I'm afraid you're only remaining option is to book an appointment at your local Genius Bar where they will replace the display of the phone for £79.

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