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My computer has been infected by a Trojan Horse.  It has taken over my Mac email account and began sending out malicious emails to everyone in my address book.  I cleared out my MAC address book and began using my AOL email account. It took a few days and then my AOL email account was infected and has now been send out malicious email to all my contacts for over a month.  It has also infected my iPhone--I am no longer able to send or receive emails on my iPhone.  Also, once the Trojan Horse began using my AOL email it completely blocked me from using my MAC account by sending never ending popups asking for my email password to access my MAC email account, but it never accepts my pass word.  The TH has also slowed down everything on my computer.  It's like I am working on an old PC with dial up connection instead of the high speed digital connection that I have.  The little color wheel spins constantly as I wait for sometimes over a minute for a page to pull up.  If it pulls up at all.  I have tried to use the 2 disks that came with my computer to completely remove everything on my computer and then reinstall all the programs, but I am not allowed to sweep my computer clean.  I thought maybe my disks that came with my computer were defective so I called Apple and they sent me 2 new disks.  I am not able able to clear my computer with the 2 new disks either.  I have done this before successfully so it's not something new to me.  I do remember when I believe my computer became infected:  I had googled an unusual sewing term, and I was opening what appeared to be legitimate sites, when all of a sudden a pop up appeared that said that my computer had been infected.  I immediately shut my computer off, but it was too late.  I downloaded a virus program for Mac, and it has never found a virus or problem at all.  I think it is part of this Trojan Horse, but I am unable to delete it from my computer.  It refuses to uninstall.  The Mac Trojan Horse is real and it is terrible.  If anyone has any suggestions for me I would be very appreciative,














































macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)