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Going nuts...


I have my Time Capsule plugged into an outlet that runs back to my switch (Netgear) which in turn goes into my modem (AT&T uverse).

(the switch runs out to about 6 ethernet outlets in my house)


Everything was working grand until I screwed something up, no idea what, of course!


I have set my Time Capsule set up...


In the AirPort Utility

AirPort tab

Wireless mode:create a wireless network

Connect using: Ethernet


Internet tab

Connect using: Ethernet

Connection sharing: Off (Bridge mode)


From these settings I can see the wireless network I have set up, but I can't connect to it (get a 'connection timeout' error when trying to connect to the wireless network using my laptop)

When I try to change to Conenction Sharing to: 'share a public IP address' or 'distribute a range of IP address', then I get other errors... (DHCP Beginning and DHCP Ending Address Errors).


Any advice would be great - thanks! 

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Bridge Mode is the correct setting for your Time Capsule.


    To aid in troubleshooting, I suggest that you temporarily move the Time Capsule close to the Uverse router and connect directly to one of the Ethernet ports on that device. Test to see if your wireless is working.


    If yes, then move the Time Capsule again and this time temporarily connect to the Ethernet switch to test that way.


    Keep working your way outward, testing as  you go. If the wireless works on the first test when you connect directly to the Uverse router, at some point, you will find the connection problem. It's almost always something simple, like an Ethernet cable that is not making a good connection with one of the Ethernet ports.