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Just purchased an IPad for work, still have my personal one.  Can I sync new iPad with my personal iTunes and still have a way to purchase apps with my work account on the same iPad?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    No, you can only use one account at a time.

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    Apparently you can as long as you sign in and out of the two different accounts as needed. Read this.


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    But if the OP signs in with his work account and tries to sync apps, won't it remove any apps affiliated with the personal account? I suppose it would keep any information (i.e. music) you load from your personal account, as long as you don't try to sync those same categories with the personal account.

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    if you read that article the very last poster claims he does it successfully. I think it would get confusing and I believe the obvious key to this is to manage the content manually. in theory, can't you log into iTunes on your computer with one ID, buy your apps and download, log out, log in with the other account and then buy from that account and it would all still be in the same iTunes library?


    Anyway, like I said, that last guy in the article I posted said he does it!

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    I skimmed it.


    I was thinking in terms of two seperate computers - a work computer with a work account, and a personal computer with a personal account. However, if you're doing it all from one computer that might be the difference - when I tried it way back, I couldn't sync podcasts from my work computer without erasing any from my home computer, even though they were the same account.

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    I'm not so sure I would even want to attempt this, but the bottom line is, that if you create a backup and you put that backup on an external drive or copy it to the desktop from the MobileSync Folder, I guess you could always return that backup to the folder, reboot the computer, and restore from the backup if something goes awry.


    I know that some time ago, I read on this site where one guy said that he kept two different backups for his iPad so that he could go back and forth as he wished. Something like the "work backup" and the "entertainment backup". If you think about it, it does seem feasible.

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    Feasible, but a royal pain in the tucchus. :-)


    Back to the OP .. is there a particular reason why you want to seperate work from personal apps?



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    If I understand you correctly you want ot use 2 iPads with different AppleIDs on the same computer and share some but not all apps.


    Basically the same set up I use between myself and my husband.  We each have a different AppleID but share some apps.


    Here is what I did:

    1). Had my iPad first and had a bunch of apps.  So I set up the sync, transferred purchases, and set it up to sync apps manually

    2). Disconnected my iPad

    3). Sign out of iTunes

    4). Sign into iTunes with hia AppleID

    5). Connect his iPad

    6). Chose which apps to sync and sync


    Do the same in reverse when he buys apps.



    1). Keeping track which iTunes account is signed in. (I tend to sign him out at the end of every sync)

    2). Apps purchased on my iPad will not update directly on his.  I have to update on my pc and then sync his. 


    This is a real pain to do but it has worked so far.  Possibly because I tend to buy all the apps on my iPad and just "give" them to him.


    If anyone has an easier way I would love to find it.


    If this is not your issue I apologize for my confusion.