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If i want to restrict my child who is 15 from accessing inappropriate websites and to limit the time they can be on the itouch how may i do this, cheaply if possible?

iPod touch
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    A couple of possible ways:

    - Use a browser that has goo restrictions like the Safe Browser app.

    - If the iPod will only be used with your home router you can usually configure it to only allows connection to specific devices by time of day.

    - Also if only using your router you can set your router to use the OpenDNS Family hield:


    - You will also have to set restrictions on the iPod to prevent using Safari and downloading apps and other things.  Settings>General>Restrictions.

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    within restricting apps will i be able to prevent him from downloading another browser app such as ibrowser??

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    Yes, you can hide/prevent use of the App Store app

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    thank you! helps so much

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    lllaass is right. You can setup the Safe Browser app, an alternate browser to Safari Mobile, and use the Restrictions feature (Settings > General > Restrictions) of the iPod Touch to disable Safari, YouTube, and the App Store. The Safe Browser app comes with an optional Premium service that allows fine-grained customization of the filtering, setting time limits for Internet access, and reports of Internet activity accessed either online or via email.


    If you want to allow the App Store, you can do so temporarily by unlocking it using your passcode. Alternatively you can allow the App Store permanently but setup age-ratings for the apps that can be installed. Options available at 4+, 9+ and 12+. Please note that even with age restrictions, there are a couple of browser apps like Google and Bing that are allowed due to an incorrect 4+ rating. If you choose this option, make sure the iTunes account is tied to your email address (you'll be notified when any app is downloaded), or check the device once in a while to see if either Google or Bing is installed.


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