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My MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.7, software is up-to-date.  My Lexmark Pro705 firmware is up-to-date.  My printer driver on my Mac is up-to-date.  The Mac no longer finds my wireless printer.  The printer works.  It just isn't working wirelessly from my Mac.  I've seen this problem on the internet with various printer brands so I'm tending to believe that this is a MacBook or Apple issue.  The printer setup states that the printer is on the same wireless network and the signal strength is excellent.  My laptop is right next to it.  Printer, router, Mac have all been cycled several times.  The last two things I did were right-click my printer icon and reset; then I uninstalled/reinstalled the printer drivers again.  But now the Mac does not find the printer in order to add it.  The printer is online with a green wireless light.