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I must have set the puk code and need to deal with that! But I guess also have locked my iPad for good with a pin code that I couldn't remember.  Any idea how to reset my pin and then my puk so i can use my ipad again!?  Lol

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    You will have to get instructions for resetting or removing the PUK code from your carrier.


    The only way to get rid of the Passcode Lock is by restoring your iPad with iTunes.

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    I had this same problem today and was able to get it resolved.  What happened was I was syncing my ipad to itunes.  When it was almost done the ipad died due to out of battery in the middle of syncing.  I recharged the ipad and tried to sync again.  But I was told to restore my ipad to factory settings to be able to use the ipad again.  Luckily, everything was synced to itunes.  I clicked restore.  At the end of restore, I got a window telling me "PUK locked, insert a valid SIM and a no PIN to activate your ipad"  then an "unlock window within this window.  I could not use my ipad.  I could not access my ipad.


    So I checked on this forum, no answer.  This is why I am writing this now.


    So I waited until Apple Support is opened.  Call the 800-my-apple and was able to get great help.


    Found out  that I could have used my ipad by taking out the SIM card, which is located on the left side of your ipad when looking at it.  After taking out the SIM card, you continue the restoring and syncing process.  After that you can use your ipad as normal except you can't access the internet on 3G network.


    To use 3G network, you have to call your cellular data carrier (AT&T, etc..) and they will get the numbers on the SIM card and if you bought a plan with them before, they will give you the SIM card PIN to use to unlock the PUK lock.  If you never subscribed to a cellular data, then you have to go the carrier store or call them and buy a new SIM card.

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    I have an IPad and while allowing one of my daughter to play a game on it and play around on it she locked my SIM card by entering the incorrect PIN enough times to lock the SIM it now says I need the PUK code to unlock the SIM and use the 3G ATT service.  How do I get the PUK code?  Do I have to reset the entire IPad to do it?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Please read my previous post.

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    thank you so much, tried to update my daughters ipad to the new operating system like the store tech told me and this happened, she was devastated and the nearest store to get help is two hours away. Popped out the sim card and we are in business!!! We haven ever activated the sim or used the 3G, just always connected to our home or mobile wireless network! You made my and my daughters night

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    I did read your previous post, and I tried it your way, and still was unable to get the thing to work, so I had to go to the nearest AT&T store, only 5 miles away, and have them call to get the PUK code, and once they got it for me there in the store, I was able to enter it, and then manually reset the PIN, but unless I had gone to the store and gotten the PUK code, something I was not able to do over the phone with AT&T, not sure why, they never gave a real answer (felt like the operator was reading from her page as she explained <-- never a good sign BTW), and took the local tech calling AT&T direct to get my PUK, a number I alos immediately WROTE IT DOWN for any further issues with my IPad like this one, being as dependent on the 3G service when I am not at home.  Any way, just sharing my experience and solution to my issue, hope it can help someone.


    And, I know for those who are reading this and saying, my first error was allowing one of my children to play with in the first place, well......my response is simple, wait until you have a few kids, saying "no" just isn't as easy as you may think it is before you have a few of your own.... I still agree with you though

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    How did you remove the SIM?  Do I need a special tool or anything like that?