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I have the table below.  The formula in B3 is causes the VLOOKUPS in C3 to be off.  If I just use the value 0.20 in B3, I get "sixty" in C3.



The B3 formula is:




and C3 is:


=VLOOKUP(B3,D1:E5, 2)


What needs to change for this to work correctly?

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    You need to use an optional argument for VLOOKUP():


    VLOOKUP(search-for, columns-range, return-column, close-match)


    close-match: An optional value that determines whether an exact match is required.


    • close match (TRUE, 1, or omitted)If there’s no exact match, select the column with the largest top-row value that is less than the search value. Wildcards can’t be used in search-for.
    • exact match (FALSE or 0)If there’s no exact match, return an error. Wildcards can be used in search-for.


    If you update the formula in Cell C3:

    =VLOOKUP(B3,D1:E5, 2, 1)


    You will get the answer you expect.




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    Functionally, there's no difference between the original VLOOKUP formula, where the 4th argument is omitted, and the one suggested by Wayne, where the 4th argument is given the value 1 (or TRUE).


    As described in the excerpt from the Formulas and Functions User Guide shown in Wayne's post:

    Wayne Contello wrote:


    • close match (TRUE, 1, or omitted): If there’s no exact match, select the column with the largest top-row value that is less than the search value.

    Reproducing the table shown on my own machine produces the value (fifty-five) with either version of the formula.


    I suspect that the result in C3, like any other spreadsheet cal\culation, is subject to a rounding error caused when the values in A2 and A4 are translated to binary for the calculation, then reinterpreted as a decimal value for the display. If C3 is set to show two decimal places, the actual value could be anything in the range 0.195 - 0.2099999999999. VLOOKUP uses the actual value, not the displayed value, so any actual value in the range 0.195-0.1999999999999999999 will display in C3 as 0.20, but will return the result for 0.10, 'the largest search-for value that is less than the search value.'


    Try revising your C3 formula to =ROUND(ABS(A2-A4),2)


    On my test table, this produced the expected result (sixty).




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    Thanks Barry.  As you noted, adding the optional value to VLOOKUP doesn't work.  But updating with ROUND did.


    Unfortunately, I accidentally selected my response as the correct answer.  I can't undo that or delete the message.  I did a helpful answer and like on Barry's response.