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I noted 2 days ago, in my iMac (late 06) when open window of app store aplication, after a few minutes appears this message:  “Impossible to connect to app store“. It‘s the only thing you can see in this window. I don“t remenber to change anything on mi iMac. The app store always works fine until 2 weeks ago.


  Ah!, almost forgot to tell: the iTunes store doesn‘t work too. I can listen all my music in my library, but can‘t search an artist or song in the store because it hangs for a few minutes when i make a search in the store, and then appears the message: “can‘t make the request on iTunes store. The time of wait to connect to the web has finished. Verify your web settings and your connection to the internet and try again“.


   I live in Mexico, is this happening only in my country?


  What can i do?


  Thanks in advance!

App Store, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    The v10.6.7 combo update includes MAS bug fixes that may help.




    Restart your Mac after the combo is installed. It's ok to do this even if you are already running v10.6.7.


    For iTunes. From the iTunes menu bar click Store / View My Account / Edit Payment Information. Make sure the Security Code and expiration date is available then click Done.

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    Buen dia Aguamala. Saludos desde Monterrey.


    Do not waste your time or your bandwidth with the suggestion above to download the huge file that the affluent gringa is suggesting. You already have the MAS that the update combo installs and wasting time with that is not likely to help you at all.


    Do you have Infinitum with Telmex? I had many such problems downloading things in iTunes when Telmex was my internet provider. One day things would be OK and the next day nothing would download for weeks at a time. Unfortunately we do not have many choices here in Mexico. I solved my problem first when I switched my internet service to CableVisión. And more recently Axtel has installed a fiber optic network in the Zona Centro here in Monterrey and I now have service with 10 megas.


    I think that the issue is more the connection that the two apps; Mac App Store and iTunes.However, do take her advice and sign into your account in the iTunes Store and make sure that all the information is correct, especially the bank card information. (She has no idea that most domestic bank cards in Mexico do not have a 3 digit security code.)


    The other thing is perhaps changing your DNS service. The best way to do this is in the configuration of your modem/router. But you can sometimes do it in Sys Prefs/Network and it will over ride the ISP settings in the router. I can help you with this if you need help.


    I use OpenDNS, but folks are having success with connection issues by using Google Public DNS also.



    Google Public DNS


    Ciao amig@

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    Hi there!


      Before I begin to download v10.6.7 combo update (thanks Carolyn), and like last resource today I speak with my internet provider and they told me (to begin) to reset my modem. They told me how to do this step by step. So I did it and now can acces App Store and iTunes correctly, TG!!

    Like a side note, yesterday was released adobe lightroom 3.4.1 update and I was having problems to download the update because the website it was very slow and appears a message of error that the server it was unavailable. Today it was the same error until I reset my modem and I was able to download this update quickly!!


      CAROLYN: thanks for your input!

       DAH-VEED: Gracias, creo que tu info será útil si vuelvo a tener problemas con mi modem. Saludos desde Tijuana.



    Well, thaks everyone for your help!