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I am editing a huge wedding and have to put chapters and full wedding onto a bluray dvd.  What export settings could I use to compress videos a bit so they fit on a bluray without losing a lot of quality?

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    Do you want it to play in a Blu-ray player? You can't do that from FCE. You need to export to QuickTime Movie and take the exported file to Toast.

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    Yes.  I want it to play in a Bluray player.  I was planning on exporting through quicktime conversion and then bringing those files into Toast.  I just need to figure out the right export setting for quicktime conversion.  I would just export regularly from quicktime as uncompressed files but there is too much footage so I need to compress without losing too much quality.

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    You have to export to QuickTime Movie, not QuickTime Conversion.   You don't want to force any recompression on the video; it will only cause problemsin Toast.


    If you want to save time & disk space, UNcheck the option called 'Make movie self-contained' when you export to QT Movie.   As long as your Blu-ray authoring tool (eg Toast) is on the same Mac as FCE, you can use the QT reference movie produced this way as input to your Blu-ray authoring app, same as you would a self-contained QT movie.


    It is important, however, that you make sure to do Sequence > Render All > Both and Sequence > Render Only > Mixdown before exporting your video from FCE.

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    Thank you!

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    You didn't say how you are creating the Bluray disk.  If you have an actual Blu-ray burner burning to an actual Blu-ray disk you have all kinds of room for your movie.  Because you mention using Toast I suspect you are not using a Blu-ray burner and a Blu-ray disk.  If you are creating a Blu-ray movie on a standard DVD using Toast you are constrained by play  time to about 20 mins maybe a little more on a std DVD and double that on a double layer DVD.  No amount of compression will get around that.

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    Hi.  I am creating the DVD in toast and I do have a Bluray burner and Bluray DVD's.  Like I said, I'm exporting TONS of media so all that footage won't fit.  I am going to do what MartinR suggested and uncheck make movie self contained and see if that works.

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    The size of the exported file is not relevant only the length of the movie. You can export a heavily compressed web size movie or fully uncompressed HD that would be terabytes in size. It doesn't matter. Only the length of the media that has to fit onto the disc. Toast is going to compress it to the correct format and data rate to fit on the Blu-ray disc.