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When I call my parents ipad2 from my ipad2 via facetime, their ipad does not ring. It only shows that i am calling them. Once we connect, everything is fine (audio and video), so it is not an internet connection issue and it is not because their volume is low or on mute. Any ideas why my ipad2 has an audible ring but theirs does not? 


We also tried a solution that was posted online that suggested setting the mute button from "lock screen" to "mute" and then sliding the button left and right. This did not solve the problem. Their facetime still does not ring on their ipad2.


We both have the latest operating system updates.

iPad 2
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    Me too. I have the same problem since April, and I have a video to show the exact steps how to consistently reproduce this "FaceTime Sleep Bug".



    Hopefully together we can get Apple's attention to fix this problem for all iPad 2 and iPod Touch users.

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    My Ipad2 needs to initiat a Facetime call before it will recieve a Facetime call.  Soon after it goes to a lockout screen, it will no longer receive a call.

    This is quite annoying and what's worse is I haven't found a reason or a fix.

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    I have the exact same problem.  Don't know how this can be fixed....

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    It finally seems to work (2nd day now and counting)...


    I tried the following with no luck:


    • upgrading to iOS 5
    • adding an associated e-mail and calling that associated e-mail
    • do a full-scale registration of the e-mail (and making a free purchase via itunes) instead of a 'facetime only' registration

    this combo however seems to have done the trick:


    • keeping the ipad2 plugged in
    • changing the dns on the ipad to ","


    If it continues to work for a few more days, then i think i can say the the problem is finally resolved.

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    Yes i can now say with more confidence now that the problem is gone, with the two changes that i did above (i actually haven't tried unplugging the ipad to see if the problem comes back though, but... don't really care as i am happy that my mom now knows when someone is calling her)

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    Have you tried to unplug the ipad yet to see if the problem comes back?  The only thing I haven't tried to fix this problem is changing the dns numbers.  If my ipad is plugged in, facetime will ring.  If it's unplugged and asleep I keep missing calls.  For me, I'd prefer not to keep it plugged in all the time.