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Recently my iPod started draining its battery real fast. Initially I thought this was related to the wifi being on most of the time, but in the past it still managed to hold a couple of days. Then I spotted I had the bluetooth on, so I turned that off.

But still over night without using it, it went from 20% to 0%.

I did try switching the iPod off and on again (hard start up), in the hope the program got switched off, but that didn't help either, so if it is an app that causes teh battery drain, then it is an app that's running on start up.

Is there a way to identify what app is running on start up?

I know I can back up my iPod, and then start analysing which of the apps I installed is continuously draining power, but I was wondering if there was an alternative to finding out what is using resources on my iPod.

Is there an app that allows me to monitor what utility is using how much resources on my iPod? Is there als an app that allows me to manage what app is running?





PS I'm running the latest iOS, which I installed I think about 1 or 2 weeks ago.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    If you're using fetch/push for your mail account, delete it and set it up again. There have been cases in which mail did not stop trying to connect to the mail server after an iOS update.

    To make sure there are no apps running in the background, bring up the Multitask bar by double clicking the home button, tap on one of the icon until they start shaking, then close all the apps by taping on the little "minus".