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I purchased a new 2011 iMac with the i7 quad core 3.4ghz processor.


A few days after owning it, the display started acting very strangely. The nearby Apple store replaced the machine since it was within 14 days.


With this new one, I can hear the fan going, all the time. Much more noticeable than my previous iMac (a 2009 model I believe), and more noticeable than the other 2011 iMac we bought with the i5 3.2ghz processor.


It's not running at full speed or anything, I don't even necessarily think it's running when it shouldn't be -- it's just louder, to the point where I actually notice it, when I never did on previous iMacs unless something was wrong.


Is anyone else experiencing this?


I just hate to take this second iMac over to the Mac store if it's just "how it is."