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Original iPad.  I have an odd issue that pops up every so often.  I can look in the general settings and see that I am connected to a WiFi network and see it's strength indication.  I can also see that I have an IP address and such, so on the surface it looks like I am connected.  However, the signal strength indicator on the top left of the iPad is not showing at all...not even a dot.  So when I launch my remote desktop app in iPad, it thinks it doesn't have a connection.


I have turned on/off WiFi, Airplane mode, etc and the only way I can get it to show the signal indicator is to reboot the device.


I would use the device for a bit and then set it aside.  When I would wake the iPad up sometimes the signal bar is there and sometimes it is not...then I have to reboot again.


I did forget the network and added it back, so lets hope that solves the problem but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before?


By the way, this was on an Apple network, not another brand of routers or access points.