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Rob-K Level 2 Level 2

For some reason, much of my music library plays back on the my iPad 2 as though it's an audiobook or podcast, and insists on resuming where left off.


What is really odd, these same music files do not behave this way when played in iTunes, and all set seem set to Kind: Music, Remember play position: Off.


While I have not extensively tested all the files in my library, the problem files all seem to be mp3's.


Best I can tell, all software is up to date (Mac OS, iTunes, iOS), and the music files do not appear to have any read/write restriction issues.


I'm at a loss!  Any suggestions???



  • Rob-K Level 2 Level 2

    Dang!  No one else is having this problem?  That means I'm stuck, I guess.  Bummer!

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    Have you tried removing a few and copying them back onto the iPad to see if that solves it ? Also when you say that the remember position is 'off', were you looking at the versions of the tracks in your iTunes computer or device's library ?

  • Rob-K Level 2 Level 2

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I just disabled all music, synced, then re-ababled music, and synced again, and no luck. 


    Within the iTunes Library is where I checked and set not to remember.  Both by getting info on individual songs, and by selecting a whole playlist. 


    When viewing the iPad in iTunes device list, the remember setting is grayed out.


    Just realized something else.  The remembered point is fixed.  Playing or setting the song to a different playback point does not change the point at which the song will begin playing next time.  


    Very odd, considering there is no problem when played within iTunes!