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Hi people, I have just got a beautiful early 2011 21.5" i7 iMac, thing is there is a small dent in the stand at the back, ok I can't see it unless I look, but its bugging me after I saw it and yes I am an OCD type. Applecare say they will replace it, but I have been though the mill of exchanging iMacs before with yellow screen rumbling hard drives etc. The screen on my one is pretty perfect with no yellowing (I cant see it anyway) no wifi issues and it is whisper quiet with a WD Black HDD and an even quiter superdrive (my friends imac base 2011 model same superdrive is really noisey) so I'm torn.


Do i keep it knowing I could get a worse one second or yes a perfect one, but it is still a lottery, or do I suck it up and be glad it works so well. I know the answer is down to me but just throwing it out for some opinions from the folks on forum to help me decide.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 21.5 Early 2011 i7 2.8Ghz, 8Gb ram.
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    Keep it. As you say in all other respects it's perfect. Why not put one of those Apple logo stickers that came in the box over the damaged bit

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    Well apart from avoiding sticking apple stickers anywhere I see your point of view, also if it ever got stolen I would know its mine. Thanks for the sensible reply, most appreciated, its far to easy to get rapped up in wanting things to be perfect, after all it is mass made and it could be much worse.

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    You know full well that the dent which should not be there will bug you for ever. killhippies reply is practical but Apple do not want you to receive damaged goods. Its not what they are and as an Apple customer you do not have to accept it. If you bought it new thats what it should be, new and undamaged.


    I was unfortuante to buy my 27inch Imac during the time it was having the yellow screen issues. Apple were great and replaced several before I received one which was of the quality Apple expects its goods to be.


    Of course if you bought it in the knowledge that it was imperfect then keep it.

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    I also went through trouble with my very first 2009 iMac which I why I am asking this question, sadly I was not allowed multiple exchanges, just one which was a disaster with black marks and thumbprints under the glass and ended up with the choice to fix it or get a refund. I am disabled pretty much stuck 24/7 indoors and being without a pic is a no go, this was bought new not knowingly damaged, and I can also see your point but I dread the lottery, if I get told refund and re-buy because they will only swap it once I'll be gutted and if the next machine is more problematic...really it should not have to be this way, and like you I know how many machines it can take if you get a 'bad run' thats what I fear and wish to avoid so its my OCD and the duty of Apple to send out a machine with no issues first time. I think I will just see what Support now say and take it from there.

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    Since everything else is perfect on your new machine, yet the stand issue is bugging you, get it repaired rather than replaced. If you have AppleCare on the machine you can even have Apple send a repair person to you. Without it, you can take the machine in to an Apple store or to a service provider. They can order the stand and replace it. You'll be happy and you won't have to give up a machine that works perfectly.


    Best of luck.

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    Not really an option the Mac is less than two weeks old and to fix the stand on 21.5" versions you wold have to strip the machine down. I'll see if Applecare will let me keep this one and send me a replacement out, that way I wont loose out if I have any other issues. They are happy to replace it, its just getting another with different problems that is the worry.

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    Its was easy for me to take back several machines as the store is only a 15 minute drive away. I am sure Apple will be sympathetic and do all they can to assist. My experience with their customer service has been very good. Best of luck and I am sure that Apple will resolve this to your satisfaction (which is what counts) Its just a pity that we have to encounter the odd machine that is not up to standard.

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    Put an identical dent on opposite side for symmetry. OCD is sated and you retain an otherwise perfect machine.

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    Not quite how it works, and oddly not helpful either...but funny