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  • sassr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It appears that I am having the same problem as well.  Mid-2010 27 inch iMac and the left side of the screen is dim.  It had been flickering for about a week, and now it is dark.   I paid $2,000 for this computer two years ago, and now it is going to take $1,000 to fix?  I may just take what I can get for it on ebay and make my 2009 mac mini my main computer.

  • Kettle4 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You say you are going to make your Mac Mini your main computer.

    I am using a Mac Mini 2007,because the new Mac Mini`s have a connectivity fault with HDMI Port.

    Intel have owned up to the faulty chip,and Apple have issed a EFI Firmware - Update 1.7 download.

    This has not fixed the problem,because people are still complaining that this has not worked?

  • Rich Farleigh Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have a "Late 2009" iMac 27" and the same problem...left half of screen is dim.

  • Linda P Level 2 Level 2 (160 points)

    I, too, am having the same problem.

  • Kettle4 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You will always have this fault. Alledgedly this is a fault at manufacture.

    They replaced the screen on mine several times,and through an Advocate I got a Full refund off Apple £1230.

    has mentioned above so has the new Mac Mini got a fault with HDMI Port,and Apple issed a download for this which is EFI Firmware Update 1.7 which was supposed to fix this problem.

    Going round on a few Apple web sites a lot of people are not very happy that this has not fixed the problem.

    I am not suprised! how can a download fix a faulty chip from Intel,and put this right.

    You can go to the Apple site and see the download. Apple never cease to amaze me?

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    I did have the AppleCare Plan,and I live more than the distance you stated.

    They could not fix the computer,and gave me a new one,again this developed the same fault.

    It was keep getting sent away over 200miles away to replace the screen.

    They replaced the screen on sevarel occassions,and a Graphics Card.

    I phoned the tech guy up and asked him what the fault was.

    He replied I don`t know we are just alowed to replace the screen with a new one.

    I then said what happens to the faulty computer.

    He replied it gets sent to Apple`s Boffins to take a look at it?

    An Advocate helped me(I live in England)and they gave me another brand new iMac

    which the Advocate said they can do that,but if the fault ouccurs again then you are entitled to my mone back.

    I went about 7 months,and I thought good,not so the fault started to appear again.

    The Advocate contacted Apple to get my money back.

    Apple gave me a refund of £1230 but they did not give me a refund for all the applictions I bought.

    I was goining to buy the new Mac Mini,but I found out there was a fault with that.

    The fault was the HDMI Port which Intel admitted straight away,and Apple issued a download EFI Firmware Update 1.7 to fix this issue,but it didn`t allegedly? 

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    My 27" iMac is just over 18 months old (Bought November 2011) and developed just this fault maybe 2 months back. I took it to the local Apple store after reading this thread and suggested that it's a known manufacturing issue.


    The guy in the store basically said that he's only ever seen 4 other instances of this and this issue is not known to Apple at all (go figure ).


    So to cut a long story short, I had to pay the best part of £450 to get my display replaced for a computer that's 18 months old, for a manufacturing related issue that's raised more than a few times in the discussion forums that Apple deny exists. Thanks Apple

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    If you are in the UK go to Facebook and look up /theitstoreuk in Canterbury.


    These issues can usually be professionally repaired here.

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    Since 2009 I have been through 3 iMacs. It was sent away on several occassions to replace the screen with a new one,and had the graphics card replaced once.

    Thats my post above yours.

    Apple new about it. There is evan a site called which Apple tried to get shut down,but failed.

    Has I said up above I phoned the tech guy up,and he added we have quite a few iMac`s with this problem,plus there is two others.

    1 Flickering Screen

    2 Dark Smudges

    3 Yellow tinging

    Mine was the one with the Dark Smudges.

    I would not touch an iMac with a barge pole,and as mentioned above there is a fault with the Mac Mini,which Apple,and Intel have admitted. The download doesn`t fix this problem.

    I just wonder where is Apple`s Customer service,answer they just make it up has they go along depending who you speak to. The price is another concern you can buy a hard drive off Apple costing you about £300 where you can pick one up at half the price.

    Due to these issues customer`s are not going to buy an Apple Computer,and I have read that quite a few people, are not touching anything to do with Apple again.

    The only reason I still use an Apple computer is there system period?

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    I have a Mid-2010 27" I7 that started flickering about a week ago on the left side.  AppleCare just ended.  Not happy, but will see what they do.  At least I have a rMBP as a backup when the display gets replaced.  They better not charge me either.

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    I saw that, but not good with soldering.  In fact, I would probably screw something up. 

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    My iMac is now dim on the left side as well. This is my "hobby" computer, so it is off most of the day, I come home from work and use it, and it has always been shutdown, so I know it doesn't have many hours on it. I have two other iMacs (different models) that my family use that have been running non stop for three years and more without any trouble.


    Is there an official thread to follow or some place to post so that Apple can get an accurate tally of how many are having the problem and we an get notified if there is a fix?

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    There is no offical thread,and you will not get a place to post to Apple.

    I have found that there is nearly 2,000 faulyt iMac`s in France but that`s not including America or Europe.

    On my own I have found over 300 faulty Imac`s.

    This post will probably get removed because they will not tell you the truth about the screen faults.

    I have went through 3 iMac`s since 2007 and after a while they gave me a full refund of £1230.

    I am not touching another iMac through my exsperience. There is no fix?

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    I'm new to this post, I got a iMAC 27 last week, secondhand Its out of warranty and after using it for about 3 days I switched it on to notice the left side darker and flickering.

    So from reading above, the only fix is a new screen is that correct?? Would anyone reccommend getting it fixed for cheaper outside of apple??


    Also, is it harmful to continue using it iMAC whilst i have this problem, as in will it make it worse, or is it ok to use the iMAC until I find out what to do with it?


    So angry, paid £880 or a 18 month old MAC, not looking like I will have to pay £450 or whatever to fix, for the total i would have got a brand new one.


    Any advise