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I made this subject like this so people can easily find this thread and comment.


Exactly as it says, my iMac 2011 27inch i7 purchased in Feb this year,

about 2 weeks ago the screen started to flicker,

but now the bottom left side of the screen is darker than the rest of the screen, sometimes it will start to flicker again and then (when the room is quite) I hear a noise like a florescent bulb illuminating and the screen comes back to its correct even illumination for a while and then it can happen again any time.


I spoke to Apple today and of course they said bring it in and we will have a look at it and if it needs repair it could take upto 10days, which i don't like the idea of.




I know there are plenty of posts on this subject but i can't see any recent ones that can answer my 3 questions:-


1. Has anyone seen this problem this year ?


2. How long did Apple Store take to repair the fault ?


3. What was the actual failure, i'm guessing it would either be the display or the graphics card ?




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