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Playback of video(H.264 most of the time in either mkv or mp4 container as well as Youtube videos) most of the time is butter smooth, but frequently there will be a sudden stuttering.


No idea what the cause is. Process priority issue? Crap GPU?


My old Dell with half the RAM and an old Core2 CPU doesn't have issues. I have trouble believe a brand new laptop will have trouble "outrunning" a 6 year old desktop.

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Reply by Mac Medic (be@MacOSG.com) on May 26, 2011 5:30 PM Helpful

Try using gfxCardStatus to lock your graphics card in one mode or the other.   







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as well as Youtube videos)


Download the latest flash player from Adobe. After installing, repair permissions & restart your computer.


Go to YouTube, open any video and press pause (don't do this while video is playing). Click the ctrl key or “right click” the mouse in the middle of the video window. The settings for flash player will pop up.


Select the video settings then select "enable hardware acceleration."    Press close. Now RESTART YOUR  COMPUTER not just Safari if that is your browser of choice.












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