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I got a refurbished macbook pro i bought in late 2006.


Last week, it stopped starting up and I tried repairing but didn't work. I had access in safe mode (thank god) so i backedup my computer.


So I wiped the hard disk. Now It won't install snow leopard.


Things I tried:


1. Try booting from startup disk - No luck at all


2. Install OS in to a USB and try starting up - install half way and comes up with a error.


I am out of options and I got no new music on my iphone. Life does ***** without my mac so I would really appriciate if someone can help me out.


Thanks so much.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    It sounds like you have a hardware-related issue there.   







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    Can you tell us which specific model you have, how much RAM, and size of HDD?  In general:



    Snow Leopard General requirements



    • Mac computer with an Intel processor
    • 1GB of memory
    • 5GB of available disk space
    • DVD drive for installation
    • Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
    • Some features require Apple’s MobileMe service; fees and terms apply.


    Drive Preparation and Install


    1.  Boot from your OS X Installer Disc. After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue button.  When the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.


    2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Note the SMART status of the drive in DU's status area.  If it does not say "Verified" then the drive is failing or has failed and will need replacing.  SMART info will not be reported  on external drives. Otherwise, click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.


    3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.


    4. Select the volume you just created (this is the sub-entry under the drive entry) from the left side list. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window.


    5. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Options button, check the button for Zero Data and click on OK to return to the Erase window.


    6. Click on the Erase button. The format process can take up to several hours depending upon the drive size.


    When formatting has completed quit DU and return to the installer.  Complete the OS X installation.

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    Hi Kappy, Thanks for the quick response.


    I can't install from the CD, it doesn't take me anywhere. All I get is a blank gray screen.


    These my specs anyway

    Refurbished MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo

    15.4-inch widescreen display (1440x900 resolution)

    1GB (single SODIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    100GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive

    Slot-load SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory

    Built-in iSight Camera

    Front Row and Apple Remote


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    Is this a retail copy of Snow Leopard?  Are there any error messages when you try booting from the DVD?  Are you doing the following;


    Booting From An OS X Installer Disc


    1. Insert OS X Installer Disc into the optical drive.

    2. Restart the computer.

    3. Immediately after the chime press and hold down the "C" key.

    4. Release the key when the spinning gear below the dark gray Apple logo appears.

    5. Wait for installer to finish loading.

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    Hello Kappy,


    Yes it is a retail copy i got from apple store. its not giving me any error messages.


    I did exactly what you have in steps above and this is what happens.


    after step 4, it goes to a greay screen and after a while DVD stops spining and looks like the computer freezes on that screen.


    When I use USB to install, it starts the installer straightway and half way through computer restarts

    and comes with a error message saying installer has accoured a error. (which really breaks my heart)


    I hope its clear what I am trying to say.


    Any luck saving my computer ? What I really trying to do is locate where is the problem is so I dont have to take it to apple store.

  • Kappy Level 10 (266,026 points)

    Then either the computer has a problem or you have a defective installer disc.  Do you have the original discs that came with the computer or a Leopard installer DVD?  Can you test the Snow Leopard disc in another computer?

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    I tried my installer DVD in other computers and yes it works. So that means my computer have a problem. I wonder if i replace the hard drive whether it would fix the problem..


    What your rekon, Kappy?

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    Start Disk Utility when u run install DVD.

    (Accept License Agreement, then click Utilities -> Disk Utility).


    Then click select your Harddisk and click "Repair Disk" button.


    Even this works, my advise is to replace your HDD.

  • Kappy Level 10 (266,026 points)

    Well, it is possible the hard drive has failed, but it may just as easily be a problem with your optical drive.  A bad hard drive should not prevent the computer from starting up from an installer DVD.  I would take it in for repair.

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    Is it possible do you think that there is a lot of dust blocking the fans, and the CPU is overheating? Also a possibility is RAM issues.