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my iPad 1 drains completely on standby in a day!

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    Do you have anything running, or swtiched on, on it ? e.g. if left on wifi , 3G, location services, and push notifications/mail can all drain the battery.

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    Mine too!  Will try that, but def doesn't have the battery it used to!   Something happened w apple for sure!!!

  • Roosevelt Jones Level 2 (380 points)

    You can also review this web page on iPad batteries: I thought there was a graph of the expected charge hold decrease over time but the info on the right side of the page may be of interest.

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    I am wondering if this happen after a certain length of time from purchase.  I just started noticing a rapid drain lately.  I have owed my IPad for approx 8 months.  My settings did not change but the battery life after a full charge did drastically. 

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    My iPad 1 is 6 months old and this battery drain just started in the last two days. The only thing I've done differently is that at night I have been reading a book from the "Books App". After reading, I close the app and get back to the main screen and the next morning the battery is totally drained. Is the battery now failing? If so, I'd like a battery replacement. Should I register this problem with Apple?



    Lew Sudul

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    Please also visit this link on Apple Battery Replacement:


    The date the item is produced probably has a significant role in addition to the actual usage pattern. After a year or two, it probably needs to be kept on a charger when not in use if you continue to use it without replacing the battery.

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    I was having the same problem with battery drain after the newest update. I took my iPad to an Apple Store and an employee showed me how to fix the problem! If you double click to take your iPad out of sleep, the apps that are running in the background will pop up on the bottom of your screen. Touch and hold one of these running apps until they all start to wiggle and delete all but settings app. This will not delete the app from your iPad but will stop them from running continuously. Hope this works for everyone having battery drain. This was just yesterday but I can see a major change in battery usage.

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    Dear Isudul,


    did you solve it? How?


    I have the same problem: IPAD2 completely discharged in 10h of stand by.


    At the Apple Store they performed a DFU restore. After that the problem was solved, but when I recover my data from a back up the problem returned.

    For this reason the problem seems to be in apps.


    Yesterday I made a new restore and now my intention is to recover apps one by one. This morning I recovered Pages and for the time being I did not notice any battery drain.


    Let me know.

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    No...maybe....not sure! I also took it to the Apple Store & they performed their magic. They turned off Mobile Me & the drain continued another night. However, I noticed all my bookmarks were missing in Safari. Today, the iPad retained all power over night, but the bookmarks are still missing. I'm going back to Apple on Monday.



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    So you nevere restore the device.

    It just stop draining... hopefully (:-))


    I do not have Mobile Me. I will continue restoring apps... crossing fingers!


    Let me know what Apple Store will do on Monday.



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    I do not think FindMyiPhone would be a problem unless you are continuously searching for your device from another device.


    It is possible that your bookmarks were accidentally removed while the Apple Store people were working on it. Did you have your bookmarks synced with your desktop version of Safari or were they just created only by your use of the iPad? Do you sync your iPad from time to time?  The backup is the only place where I think they would have been saved. I am assuming they cleared your history but you can check.


    If you are still having the high battery drain, try checking the Location settings in the Settings app. There should be a list of apps that would request your location and there should be an indicator displaying if the app used the services in the last 24 hours.


    Just to confirm whether or not Wi-Fi use is causing most of the drain, you can try turning it off overnight and see what the battery readings are in the morning.

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    This is the lists of features added and/or improved for the iOS 4.2 release:


    There were several items related to enhancing how communication type programs work under multitasking, especially in sleep and background modes. This information may be helpful in reviewing the apps you currently have open that may contribute more to the draining of battery than others.

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    Hopefully I solved.


    After a restore I reinstalled many apps without encountering again battery drain issue.

    I did not restore all apps so I did not discover which was the cause.


    Thank you for your support.


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