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"Find my Ipod" needs WiFi 'ON' to work, right. So what if the person who "finds" my Ipod, turns WiFi off?

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.2
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    No. Wi Fi does not need to be enabled. It's GPS.



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    Carolyn, I have read that page/link thanks, in fact, I have it set up Find My Phone already and it works. But as far as I know, if it gets stolen, it can't be located if its not connected to a network.

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    Carolyn, you definately are wrong about GPS on the Ipod, as Apple states here in their guide:



    1. iPod touch only uses Wi-Fi for Location Services (if a Wi-Fi network is available).
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    I just tried finding my ipod with wi fi disabled and found it no problem.

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    I also lost my ipod touch 4G as well and i can tell u for sure it has no GPS. "Find my iphone" is totally useless on it. I dont understand why people always act like they have Wifi signal originating from their bodies.but where i live ther is not a lot of Wifi. it would be nice if apple puts an optional 3G conectivity and GPS, ("Optional" meaning i dont want an iPhone and if u dont want it dont get it.) on the ipodtouch this is the 2nd one ive lost now.

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    It is possible that what you got was mobile.me remembering the last location it found.  If you hadn't had a recent connection, you would see that it didn't find the iPod.  In addition to require wi-fi to locate, the only way that your iPod can connect to mobile.me is via Wi-Fi (how else do you think it can?).  No iPod wi-fi connection, no Find My iPod.


    Try this:  Go to the mobile.me again with your iPod wi-fi off.  If by chance "Find My iPod" says it locates the iPod, try to Send a Message or Play a Sound.  I guarantee nothing will happen on your iPod until you turn the Wi-fi on again.  I repeat, no wi-fi; no Find my iPod.

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    Tetsubo wrote:


    "Find my Ipod" needs WiFi 'ON' to work, right. So what if the person who "finds" my Ipod, turns WiFi off?


    If you have a passcode lock on the device, they cannot get in to turn it off.  If they can get in to turn off wifi, then they can also just disable the find-my-device feature and go on merrily using their new plunder.


    Having find-my-device enabled on an iPhone of iPod Touch is pretty pointless if the device is not secured with a passcode lock, IMO.


    And yes, you must have a data connection active (in the case of the iPod Touch, that means wifi).  Not only does the Touch use wifi to get it's location, but it also needs it to send that location information to the mobileme server, and for you to send commands to the device via mobileme.  No data connection, no data can be sent or received.


    Remember it is a two part system - the device needs some means to determine it's position (wifi database lookup, or GPS), AND it must be able to transmit that position information so the server can display it to you.

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    Yep, I totally agree Michael, PASSCODE is what I have now set up and placed RESTRICTIONS on the ability to turn off LOCATIONS. Only downside is having WiFI enabled all the time is a drain on battery life. Cheers

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    I leave wifi on with my iPhone all the time, but I also have "ask to join networks" turned off so it will not be polling every available wifi hotspot it sees when awake.  The extra drain on the battery seems pretty trivial in my experience with both my iPhone 4 and my older iPhone 3Gs, so I don't think leaving it on is a real killer in terms of useful battery life.