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Hi everyone,


I'm having a very frustrating issue lately with Safari 5.0.5 on my MBP with OSX 10.6.7...


I want to have my cookie settings under Preferences -> Security -> Accept Cookies to permanently be "Only from sites I visit". When I started Safari, and set that setting, it will remember the setting for the entire machines' session. However, if I reboot, or shutdown/restart my Mac, it will revert to the Always setting.


I have tried trashing the Safari plist file under ~/Library/Preferences/, and trashing the associated caches.db file as well, hence resetting Safari, with no success.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreaciated!



MacBook Pro 13" i7, Mac OS X (10.6.7), RAM: 6GB / HD: Seagate Momentus XT 500G
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    Hi Edison


    try trashing this file



    as well as the safari plist file, with safari closed. Might as well lose Home/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist too.

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    Hi Andy,


    I tried your suggestion, once again it worked when I just re-started Safari, but as soon as I rebooted my Mac, the settings reverted to Always again


    This is getting worrying, because I don't want every site plunking cookies in, and I cannot disable them because I use certain sites that require them...


    Any other ideas?

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    it seems that something is changing that setting- a script or login item or application.


    Is there anything in System Preferences-Accounts-Login Items ?  if so, try removing them (note what they are first) then test again


    If not, then check briefly in a New User Account to see if this affects every account or just your usual one, & we'll know where best to look.


    per-account add-ons can be in Home/Library/LaunchAgents/ or .../ScriptingAdditions/ or .../InputManagers/ or .../Internet Plug-Ins/  commonly, or of course extensions should show in Safari - Preferences - Extensions

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    Hi Andy,


    I haven't tried the latest suggestions, but I did discover an app called "Safari Cookies", http://sweetpproductions.com/safaricookies/, and it seems to have fixed the issue, as the setting now holds between Safari and Mac sessions...


    If the issue re-occurs, I will try your latest suggestions and see what happens.


    Thanks again!

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    Hi Andy,


    I just tried to temporarily remove Safari Cookies, and I'm sad to say the old issue re-occured as soon as the add-on gets uninstalled.


    It seems also, that after launching Safari for the first time after a reboot and going into Safari Preferences fast enough before the add-on launches, the setting is still incorrect, but then gets modified by Safari Cookies.


    I went and checked my Login Items, but there's nothing there that can affect Safari; the list hasn't changed in a long time. I don't have folders .../InputManagers or .../ScriptingAdditions under Home/Library.


    Under .../LaunchAgents, I have the following:













    The first three are related to my Adobe CS5 and Acrobat X Pro installations.


    Now that I have the add-on which seems to keep things in check, this isn't as high a priority as it was, but I would definitely love to find out what's causing this so I can eventually nip it in the butt!



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    Nice that you've found a way around it - assuming that a new account behaves as expected - my next effort would be to remove those files temporarily & see whether or not the cookie setting sticks. If it does - put back say the adobe ones & try again, then the apple ones, and finally the google ones.


    Hopefully, you'll easily see which group causes it & can pin it down from there.


    Sounds long-winded, and maybe is - but if you use log out rather than restart (after proving that it is an account-specific problem) you'd be done in under ten minutes, I'd think.

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    I just moved all the files I listed out of that folder and into a temp folder on the Desktop, and logged out and back in again, and the problem persisted.


    I went ahead and created a new account under Accounts and made it an Administrator account. Tried multiple log-outs and log-ins on that one after setting the cookies to "Only sites I visit", and it remembered the setting each time.


    Looks like the issue is with my main Admin account.


    Any ideas what to do next?



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    I finally found the culprit...


    I use an app called iGTasksPro for Gmail Calendar, and I discovered it was the one changing the cookie settings.


    I have already contacted the developer and informed them of the glitch. Hopefully they'll issue an update soon.


    Thanks for all the help, very much appreciated!

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    good - well done for finding that... where was it it being launched from ?

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    It was actually one of my account login items. The developer updated the app and caused the issue, that's why I missed it until I started playing around with it.


    The best part, I let the developer know about the glitch, and he released a fix for it the next day, so I am a happy camper once more

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    what a nice developer

    Thanks for the info.