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Dear Apple,


I suppose it's kind of too late now. But for the next iPhone you guys might want to consider making the home button less "deep".


The depth of the iPhone 4 button makes it difficult to press and even more difficult to double click. I have about a 50% success rate double clicking - and sometimes it would interpret my single click as a double (probably due to button bouncing from not pressing it deep enough) - and sometimes it doesn't register my single clicks.


It's been like this since day one for me. Coming from an iPod Touch 2G with a much "shallower" Home button, on occasion I wondered if there was something wrong with my particular phone - I have concluded it was probably just the depth of the button but I not sure to be honest.


I not sure why you made it so "deep" (accidental click prevention?) but when it interferes with usage, I think we have a problem.




iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    Interesting that you can find your way here, take the time to register and post.


    Yet you do not seem to be intelligent enough to realize that this is a user to user forum.

    Also, you do not seem intelligent enough to visit a Genius bar or contact Apple support to address an issue that could easily be a manufacturing defect.

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    Relatively new to this place. Sorry I'm not psychic and know everything upon visiting.


    There was an option to start a discussion, a non-question topic. I took it.


    Being an ******* to relative newcomers isn't helping anyone.


    Hopefully, someday you would become more mature, learn to be respectfully to other users regardless of their level of knowledge, and not insult the intelligence of another just to boast your ego and apparent low sense of self-esteem.


    Good day.