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Not totally sure this is where to post this, so please redirect me if I'm wrong.


From within iTunes, when I click to go to the Apple store, I can do so no problem.  I notice that I have aps avilable for update.  When I click to get update on any of them, I get an "unknown error" every time.


A few months ago, I switched from the 3G to 3GS.  I apparently am the unluckiest person in the world as I'm on my 3rd phone.  I keep having various problems with them that require replacement.  Each phone, it will not let me register the phone when I set it up on iTunes. And as directed from Apple, I set the phone up each time as a new phone. I get the "unknown error" each time.  I click try again later.  Then when I have the patience to try again, same error.  I can do everything else: synch everything, etc.  I just can't register the phone or get an ap update.


I am using iTunes version if that matters.



iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2, Actually my OS is 4.3.3.