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My iPhone 3gs will not let me connect to Safari.  It will not connect either by 3G or my WiFi at home.  I click on the Safari button and for a split second it shows a blank Safari screen, then it disappears and goes back to my screen showing all my apps. I've turned the phone off and restarted it twice.  My email and other apps work fine.

iPhone 3GS
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    Did you close Safari from the background? Tap the home button twice to pull up the apps running. Press and hold Safari until it jiggles, then tap the "-" in the left-hand corner. If that doesn't work press the on/off and home buttons simultaneously until the phone powers off and you see the apple symbol.

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    Thanks trrlightning....I did that, but it still didn't solve the problem.  I went to the Apple Store & it turned out that one of my apps was corrupted (?) so they restored it back to the factory settings and I just finished syncing it.


    By the way, I did not know that all the apps I had opened recently were still "running".  I thought that when you pressed the home button the app was closed.  The Apple store told me that this had changed in an update but I wasn't aware.  I guess if you have too many apps open it can cause the phone to lock up or start doing odd things.  I will now start closing apps every night, just to eliminate future problems or kinks. 

    Thanks again.