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So I recently got my screen replaced by JetCity in Chicago for $140... two days later I dropped my phone and the screen shattered again.  This time I was determined to change the screen myself.  I ordered a new screen, took apart the phone without any kinks, replaced the screen, made sure everything was connected, and put the phone back together.  I turned it on and all I saw was a blue vertical bar across the center of the screen, which stayed there for awhile, until the phone finished booting up and then the phone screen went into standby or whatever.  I can connect the phone to the computer and it's recognized by iTunes, so everything else in the phone appears to be working except the output to the screen.  Thinking it was a faulty replacement screen, I connected my old cracked screen back up, and the same blue bars appeared.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  If anyone has any clue as to what the problem is, PLEASE tell me.  I've had an iPhone since the original came out and I've been using a $4.99 att goPhone as a replacement and I'm slowly dying while attempting to use it day to day... I'll attach photos of what the phone now looks like when I press the home button to wake it up. Any ideas are MUCH appreciated.









iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    If both screens are displaying the exact same image, it is a Logic Board hardware problem. The only fix for an image problem that is not solved by hardware fix, is a Hard Reset. Hold at same time both Home and Power buttons for about 15 seconds, let iPhone turn off by itself and then it will restart. Hopefully with a white apple symbol. If that does not work try a Firmware Restore with iTunes.

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    No Reset or Restore is going to fix a Logic Board hardware problem. You will probably need to replace the board to fix this problem. You would have been far better off to do an out-of-warranty replacement for $199 USD, which you probably should do at this point.

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    Do the Hard Reset. Do the Firmware Restore. These are tried and proven techniques for resetting Hardware, including the LCD. Try to reseat the LCD connector to the Logic Board again. Possibly the LCD Logic Board connector has some debris interfering with the connection. Clean just the Logic Board connector for the LCD with some isopropyll alcohol. If you decide to do an out of warranty exchange, make sure you take it back with the cracked screen on. Keep the new screen.

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    I'll try the firmware restore now, I've tried reseting the connector onto the logic board a few times, and have already tried cleaning the connectors with isopropyll. I figured debris was probably the original cause but since cleaning it didn't work, I just figured the logic board somewhere during the replacement got messed up somehow.  I'll probably just do the exchange if the firmware restore doesn't work. Any other soulutions still appreciated.. but I'm pretty sure theres not much else I can do at this point short of getting a replacement.

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    So I was unable to fix the phone, took it into the apple store and the guy I talked to was really nice, gave me an out of warrenty exchange for free instead of the $200, said it was a one time thing though so I can't break it again hahaha. But I got a free iPhone! Woo!