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First off, I've run into a score of problems the past few days and I am almost ready just to scrap my whole iPhone, so I would appreciate people to avoid smart remarks to try and make me feel dumb because I am frustrated enough.


Now to the Problems.


A few days ago, my phone after trying to update an app, began a continuous loop of feezing at the lock screen then rebooting the system every 2 minutes or so. It did this for about an hour. I did a hard reset (several actually), it would come back, and keep doing what I just mentioned. I plugged it into my computer, it still kept freezing and crashing, but somehow managed to back up everything.


I then tried to wipe, restore and update to the 4.3.3 software. However, evidently windows recognizes the newest software as a virus for whatever reason, and will freeze the update on the update bar in both itunes and the phone (The guy at the genius bar told me this). I then proceeded to take it into the Apple store, where they wiped it and udated to 4.3.3, and the service guy told me about the mentioned problem about update.


So I then believed I could take it home and download my back up and everything would be all Hunkey-Dorey (i.e. fine).


No, not the case.


I plugged my phone itno the computer and began the loading of the back up onto my phone, which sucessfully loaded all contacts and pictures. However, the majority of my apps (about 30) could not be loaded due to error Ex000085 (Not to be confused with Ex000065 which means Iphone cannot be recognized in iTunes, which will happen to me shortly). Anyway, at this point, it was around 2am, so I called it a night. The next morning, I tried plugging my phone into my computer and then I received error Ex000065 from iTunes, claiming my iPhone could not be recognized. I then, just like everyone said to do with this problem, was uninstall iTunes, and all associating software. I did this, spending about an hour ensuring all software was gone. Then reinstalling iTunes.


Now, the final issue. Actually, almost.


When I plug my iPhone into my computer I receive "This iPhone cannot be started because Apple Mobile Device is not started".

I then tried following this guide from Apple:




Now finally, when I go into service as instructed, and right click "start" on AMDS, I receive this message "The Apple Moblie Device service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some service stop automatically if the are not in use by other services or programs."


After all this, I give up and ask for help. I also tried starting AMDS while itune was open so it would be "in use by other services or programs" but to no avail.


I also as I said, JUST reinstalled itunes, so I dont belive that would be the fix.


Sorry for being so long, but I'd rather make sure I explain every detail then try to explain later.

I'll appreciate the help!


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