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I installed Windows 7 64bit on my Mac Pro, and I went to try to connect the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse, but the connection dialog just sits there, endlessly connecting...


I've read a few posts from people whose bluetooth drive showed up as "Generic" and they did a process to get it to work... but mine doesn't show up as Generic... it shows up as two drivers:

- Apple Built-in Bluetooth

- Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator


I've played with disabling the Microsoft one, nothing happened. When I disabled the Apple one, the bluetooth purely wouldn't come back on when I re-enabled it, update driver didn't work either... I almost gave up except that I had a series of Windows Updates to do, and magically the drivers came back...


Now I'm at square one using a Windows wireless keyboard... no clue how to eject and retract the disc drive, and no volume controls...


Any idea how to make the Apple peripherals work, or where the eject adn volume keys are mapped on a windows keyboard?



Windows 7 64bit, Mac Pro 3,1 running Snow Leopard 10.6.7

Mac Pro 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Mac Pro 3,1