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I have four computers synchronized using mobile me to one mobile me account.  This has usually worked flawlessly recently one of the computers is having keychain problems though.  It seems that it is not getting access anymore.  If you try to open any item in the keychain you get a message that says Access to this Item is Restricted.  This lack of access is creating alot of problems on this machine.  I have this set up this way so that My wife and two daughters and I can share accounts and access, etc...  I have tried the Keychain first aid, I have tried replacing the Keychain in the sync process (by deregistering and then reregistering this computer and replacing the keychain instead of merging, I have tried deleting com.apple.keychainaccess.plist from library/preferences and then restarting my computer.  I vaguely recall needing to set a value somewhere to allow keychain sharing??? but can't remember for certain and can't find anything like that now.  Your help/Assistance is most appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!

Macbookpro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)