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Whenever I try to export photos from iPhoto to a Flash Drive to use on my TV, digital photo frame or friend's Windows computer, iPhoto seems to export two files for each photo - one is the normal photo file and one seems to be some sort of copy of it with the prefix  ._  before each filename. Obviously these additional files can't be read by TVs or photo frames, meaning that when I view a slideshow on these other devices, every other photo comes up as an unreadable file error message.


Yet if I put the Flash Drive back in the Mac, these other files can't be seen and therefore can't be deleted.


The Flash Drive has been formatted as a FAT32 disk in order to try and make sure it's compatible.


Anyone know what this second file is for and how to get around this problem.


My Mac is a 17" iMac - PowerPC G4 - 1.25 GHz - 768 MB RAM - running 10.5.8.

iPhoto is iPhoto 4.0.3.


P.S. I realise it's an ancient iPhoto version I'm using, but I did upgrade to iPhoto 6 a while back, but was disappointed with the Slideshow features compared to version 4 so I Time Machined back.

(This thread has the details of those issues, though I got no replies):



Any thoughts or advice on my current problem most gratefully received.

Mac OS X (10.5.8), 17" iMac PPC G4 1.25 GHz 10.5.8