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My iPhone 4 suddenly stopped working.  Yesterday afternoon I was using it.  I pressed the sleep button and put it into my pocket.  About 5-seconds later I remembered that I had something else to do and pulled it out and there was NO response.  It was (and is) a lovely, modern paperweight. 


I've only had the phone for about 4-months & nothing has happened to it (ie, water, dropping, etc.).  I tried every conceivable combo of pressing sleep & the home button.  I even found somewhere someone had posted a possible fix and tried to toggle the silent switch then a ridiculous amount of combinations of sleep/ home/ toggle silent.  (This did not work for me.)


What I am devastated about is that I had just taken some pics on Monday of my beloved pet that then passed away on Tuesday.  Like an idiot, I had not backed up the pics, nor had I emailed or texted them anywhere.  Very dumb.  (!!!)  I had gotten complacent about backing things up  (I have since backed everything I own onto multiple sources).


The following is what I have tried: sleep & home, plus/silent toggle (I held these buttons down for minutes hoping that would work); charged from the wall, 2+ hrs; then charged from pc, 1 hr.


When connected to my pc, iTunes does not recognize it as my phone but instead pops up with: "iTunes has detected an iPhone is in recovery mode.  You mush restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes".  I am VERY leery to 'restore' since from what I can gather, restoring would delete my "media".  I assume this would include my pics. 


Does anyone have a suggestion?  Of course I would like to get everything back that was stored on my phone, but it's those few priceless pics are making me ill to think I've lost.


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iPhone 4