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My iPhone 4 suddenly stopped working.  Yesterday afternoon I was using it.  I pressed the sleep button and put it into my pocket.  About 5-seconds later I remembered that I had something else to do and pulled it out and there was NO response.  It was (and is) a lovely, modern paperweight. 


I've only had the phone for about 4-months & nothing has happened to it (ie, water, dropping, etc.).  I tried every conceivable combo of pressing sleep & the home button.  I even found somewhere someone had posted a possible fix and tried to toggle the silent switch then a ridiculous amount of combinations of sleep/ home/ toggle silent.  (This did not work for me.)


What I am devastated about is that I had just taken some pics on Monday of my beloved pet that then passed away on Tuesday.  Like an idiot, I had not backed up the pics, nor had I emailed or texted them anywhere.  Very dumb.  (!!!)  I had gotten complacent about backing things up  (I have since backed everything I own onto multiple sources).


The following is what I have tried: sleep & home, plus/silent toggle (I held these buttons down for minutes hoping that would work); charged from the wall, 2+ hrs; then charged from pc, 1 hr.


When connected to my pc, iTunes does not recognize it as my phone but instead pops up with: "iTunes has detected an iPhone is in recovery mode.  You mush restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes".  I am VERY leery to 'restore' since from what I can gather, restoring would delete my "media".  I assume this would include my pics. 


Does anyone have a suggestion?  Of course I would like to get everything back that was stored on my phone, but it's those few priceless pics are making me ill to think I've lost.


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iPhone 4
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    I would call Apple tech support, which is excellent.  Or take the phone to your local Apple store - not AT&T or Verizon, as the Apple techs specialize in Apple products and are somewhat fanatical about them.


    Regarding the photos, they are probably still on the simm card in the phone and recoverable.  Check with the Apple folks to get them back... sorry about your pet!