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justinedenise Level 1 Level 1

i am trying to decide if I want to get the ipod nano or the ipod touch. both are 8gb.

i currently have the old edition nano.

if anyone knows how many songs either hold that would be helpful. i need something with more memory then what i currently have! thanks

  • Niel Level 10 Level 10

    They will each hold the same amount of music. As songs can be of different length and encoded at different bitrates, determining an exact number is impossible.



  • justinedenise Level 1 Level 1

    okay, thanks! 

    ive been told somewhere around 1700 is what the touch holds.

    and the nano i have now only has around 700 songs on it and it says the memory is near full.

    so im getting ready to buy a new ipod, just dont know what one to buy, and with how much memory.

    any pointers are appreciated. thanks!

  • SniperKat Level 1 Level 1

    For every GB it is approximately 250 songs.

    An 8GB should hold approximately 2,000, however as Niel stated it does depend on length encoding at different bitrates.