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Hi community,


I recently downloaded some iBooks and put them in my Dropbox. I then opened the Dropbox app on the iPad, imported the books to iBooks and did some reading. When I went to sync the iPad with iTunes, the books that I had imported did not show as even existing in the iPad's library of Books. As such, they did not sync to iTunes.


Is there a fix for this? Work around?


BTW, I am running an iPad 2 with iOS 4.3.3.




  • PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4

    Where did you get the books from?


    My guess is that they're not showing up in iTunes because they weren't loaded on the iPad via iTunes. You can use iTunes to load books from non-apple sources, as long as they're not copyright protected. I'd try to import them I to the iTunes library on your computer and then sync them onto your iPad through iTunes. You many have to delete the existing ones from iBook to do this without duplicating books. .

  • Andrew Paolino Level 1 Level 1

    I got the books  from a non-iTunes source, but that shouldn't affect the expected behavior.  I understand that I can load books onto the devicec via iTunes (DRM free, or not); however, the issue remains that if I import a book into iBooks from a non-Apple source such as from a file in my Dropbox, iTunes should sync that book with my iTunes library for sharing across other devices. Not only does the book not sync, it isn't even recognized by iTunes as being on the device if I search the device from my iTunes console. I would peg this as a bug unless I'm either a) missing something or b) ...missing something.


    Anyone? Thoughts?

  • PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4

    Perhaps it should, but it apparently doesn't. I would suggest trying what I recommended: bringing them into your iPad  through iTunes. I've use iTunes to bring in non-Apple books and had no problems syncing them to multiple devices.

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    Members, thank you for your suggestions. I understand very clearly that the "best practice" should be to import books through iTunes; however, bidirectional syncing should come out of the box. In my case, I no longer have the files in my drop box, so now I must try to re-obtain the .epub files from the purchasing source. This would be resolved if iTunes' import behavior worked as expected.


    The issue is not that non-iTunes books do not work (they WORK), they issue is with appropriate synching behavior.

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    Thinking aboutnthis further ... When you download a book through iBook, or purchase through the App Store, you're using your iTunes account and thus it automatically is added to your iTunes library. But it would make sense that something that never is affiliated with your iTunes account (i.e. A book imported from DropBox) would never get imported into your iTunes library, even if opened in iBook. And the only way to get it into your iTunes library would be to import it on your computer. If you really want to keep it in DropBox, you could set iTunes to import it from that folder.

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    But just because it's in iBook doesn't mean its in iTunes. I posted my thoughts on this while you were posting this, but the bottom line would be that you have to let iTunes know you want to sync that file, and the only way to do that on the iPad is to download it with an iTunes account.


    DropBox has, I believe, a 30 day revision window, so if you deleted it within the past month you should be able to recover it.

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    Hmmm.. I see what you're saying, but I don't know if I agree. Thanks for the Dropbox suggestion. I will look into that.



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    I just received my iPad2 yesterday. The books that I purchased through iBook on my iPod appear in my iTunes Library. They also appear in the synchronisation window for my iPad. When I synchronised my iPad for the first time, the movies I had selected to add to my iPad did not synchronise but all of my books synchronised. When I synchronised my iPad again, the movies eventually added, but I didn't notice until today that all of my books disappeared. I have tried several times to synchronise my books today, but to no avail. I tried to sync all books and then I tried to sync selected books but nothing worked. I have located the book files and they are all in my iTunes folders. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    I managed to sync all the pdf files but not the books. This doesn't appear to be a problem though, because I was able to just download them all again from the iBook store. Technically, the books not syncing properly is still a problem, but there is the workaround of just downloading them all again.