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I have rebooted the system, closing apps, etc. I don't think I have a huge desire to speed it up, it's just that one time in Best Buy I swiped through the home screen of iPods to test out, and I have noticed that they swipe through the homescreen a lot smoother. Most of the time when i do the slide to unlock it just freezes there for a few secs, then unlocks. When i am typing on it, like right now, it has to catch up a lot. Since restoring (erase kind) removes and replaces software and firmware, would that help a tad, even if I put my backup back on? Thx for any help given.


P.S my iPod is a 32 GB with approximently 17.5 GB left. It's a 4g, the one with A5 processor, camera, and other stuff.

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