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My iPad cannot backup when it is syncing. The progress bar will be almost at the end when it stops and my iPad keeps rebooting.  I have tried using an iMac thinking that my PC could be the problem, but I see the same symptom. The only workaround that has worked is to turn off completely my iPad wait and turn it on and re-sync. This is happening very often. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks.

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    I too am having a similar problem - last week I was able to backup my iPad intermitently (i.e unreliable). Now it won't backup at all. Syncing is otherwise OK.

    Come on Apple - fix this for us please!

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    Same problem with me. Mine is even worse, backup stopped at 5 percent.

  • Judy Level 4 (2,235 points)

    I have the  same problem. Hangs at about 85% finished.


    I wonder if it is because I update some of the apps on the ipad and some on the Mac.

    Perhaps it should be updated in only 1 place.  I usually grab most of them directly on the iPad.

    Then after it is synced I could update the apps that are on the Mac.

    Has anyone noticed this happening?

  • Judy Level 4 (2,235 points)

    Here is my workaround:


    cancel sync on device

    unplug device by removing the cable

    iTunes may still be spinning

    quit or force quit iTunes


    reset device by holding home and on button until you see the apple logo

    connect device

    sync again

    If it says backup did not work, ignore that

    finish sync


    sync again

    backup works with this sync

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    At last - a succesfull backup! Had to delete my Sunday Times app, and my T3 magazine app (thus losing a years worth of magazines) but success none the less.

    Many threads have said similar things in that magazine app files contain lots of data - perhaps some became corrupt?

    Syncing s now fast and painless, and best of all 'Backup' is turned back on.