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I can't get my airport extreme + airport express to work as a replacement for my Netgear WNDR3700 Router and my Windows 7 network that it already set up. I can get it attached to my MacBook Air but that is it.  Is there a way to either add on my airport extreme to the existing network or do I need to replace it?  I am really interested in using the express to boost the signal.

Windows 7
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    If your goal is to extend/boost the range of your Netgear router with either or both of the AirPorts, this will not work wirelessly ... at least, not completely by wireless. That is because, WDS is not standard and each manufacturer has had creative license to implement it as they see fit for their products.


    Instead, you have at least two other choices to use the Netgear (as the main Internet router) with the AirPorts:


    • Connect one AirPort directly to the Netgear by Ethernet, and then, configure both AirPorts for an extended wireless network. In this configuration, you would be running two separate wireless networks; one created by the Netgear, and the second the extended network created by the AirPorts.
    • Connect both AirPorts directly to the Netgear by Ethernet, and then, configure all of the routers for a roaming network. In this configuration, there would be a "single" wireless network where wireless network clients can literally roam from one router to another and still be on the "same" wireless network.