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Sorry if Posted this to the wrong discussion group. I could not find any category regarding iPhoto



We took a large number of photos on vacation with a Canon digital camera. The all imported to iPhoto 11 v 9.1.3

okay and and I have them organized into Events by date.  A friend gave me picture that was taken in 2007 and it

shows up in last import but under Photos it shows up as 2007 Event and Picture and I cannot figure out how to add

it to my current 2011 Event.


I tried dragging it and using the merge and now all of my 2011 pictures show up as a 2007 event.  I wonder if there

is anyway to change the date of the added picture from 2007 to 2011?

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    You can do this through terminal.


    More info

    man touch


    The creation date is stored within the file/directory metadata.


    You can always drag the file to your desktop for easy access, and physical drag it to the terminal to complete the file path.


    If you want to change the creation date manually via terminal, you can use



    touch -t   (space  + new date format + drag file here)


    This will set both the creation and modification dates to the same date, but you can then change the modification date alone via



    touch -m:



    touch -t 201012160102.03 /path/to/file


    The above example changes the creation and modification dates of /path/to/file to +December 16th, 2010 at 1:02:03am+ .


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    Select the event and then iPhoto > Photos > Adjust date and time.


    Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 3.34.18 PM.png




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    iPhoto Forum


    Next time just Browse the Communities and scroll through the list to find forums.

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    There is nothing wrong with the OS X Created or Modified dates. The issue is with the date

    embedded in the photo for when it was take.


    I ran the iPhoto Adjust date on he picture listed in the last import.  It let me change the date

    from 2007  to 2011 but  it still shows up in Photos as 2007

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    In iphoto try again: Modify original files. change folder and come back again to see change?

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    I just tired it again and nothing changes.  The iPhoto Adjust date thing says it is changed but it still shows

    up in Photos and Events as 2007. 

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    Any solution to aRKAY's problem?  I have the same dilemma.  I did a batch edit (including modify originals) to all photos for a specific event and the date range next to the name of the event won't change (even after exiting and restarting iPhoto).



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    Select all the pics in the Event (Command-a)


    Flag Them


    Then Events -> Create Event from Flagged Photos.






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    Thanks for the tip.  The date is now correct on the iMac but still wrong on the MBP.  Your tip helped.

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    I've been struggling with this for a while but just figured out a fix.

    First make sure the photos (in the event, even though the event appears at the wrong date/time) have the correct dates & times, change them if need be using "Photos-Adjust date & time" or "Photos - batch change".


    Once the dates for the individual photos are correct,

    - select the photos you want to appear in the new & correct event,

    - export them to a completely new/separate folder,

    - go back to iphoto a import those same newly exported photos back into iPhoto.

    They should now appear in their own event which appears in order at the correct time & date.

    Worked for me.