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Two questions re download: 

1) Why do I need to activate wifi when I am connected to the computer's internet in order to download on Iphone? and,

2) Why do I need wifi with my celluar data plan from AT&T in order to download on Ipad? 

I thought by subscribing to the Plan on Ipad that I would not need  wifi (I am technology-challenged) but ran into a problem with Iphone and Ipad when I attemped to download apps that were too large.  After connecting to wifi, the phone and Ipad finally responded and indicated the the app could not be played on the iphone (I have 16g) and finally disappeared after in a 'waiting' mode for a month.  Do I need this celluar data plan?  Can anyone answer this question? - it is very frustrating because when you download from ITunes I don't see an indication of file size.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2, Additional product: IPad
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    As you have discovered, some larger files need you to connect to WiFi to download them. With the cell plan, you can download most files, watch videos, etc without connecting to WiFi. The only person who can tell you if you need the cellular plan is you, how often do you use it, does it meet your needs, etc. When you try to download a file via celluar and it is too big, you will get a notification and the file will remain in a pending status for you to download later. Just swing by a WiFi hotspot to complete the download, home network, Apple Store, coffee shops, etc. Some apps have been written for the iPad only and those cannot be downloaded on the iPhone and are marked as such, that has nothing to do with your WiFi/cellular question.

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    If you download using wifi, you are using up your data allowance with your broadband ISP. Using cellular data your are using your data allocation from your cellular data plan.


    Both almost certainly have data limits, but your landline connection is almost certainly cheaper than the cellular connection, and probably less limited in terms of how much you are allowed to download.


    And of course your cellular data plan allows you to make use of the internet when you are out of range of a wifi alternative.


    Anything you choose to download from iTunes tells you the file size on the page describing it.

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    Thanks so much - this makes a lot of sense to me.  I appreciate your feedback!

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    Thanks Tonefox - appreciate the answer to my dilemma!