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Two questions re download: 

1) Why do I need to activate wifi when I am connected to the computer's internet in order to download on Iphone? and,

2) Why do I need wifi with my celluar data plan from AT&T in order to download on Ipad? 

I thought by subscribing to the Plan on Ipad that I would not need  wifi (I am technology-challenged) but ran into a problem with Iphone and Ipad when I attemped to download apps that were too large.  After connecting to wifi, the phone and Ipad finally responded and indicated the the app could not be played on the iphone (I have 16g) and finally disappeared after in a 'waiting' mode for a month.  Do I need this celluar data plan?  Can anyone answer this question? - it is very frustrating because when you download from ITunes I don't see an indication of file size.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2, Additional product: IPad