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I'm planning to get an iPhone from AT&T, and here's how I want it:


  • AT&T Family Plan (550 minutes) with 2 lines
  • Messaging 1000
  • 2 GB data package for iPhone


The second line won't have the messaging or the data plan and will most likely have a basic phone.


But here's what I'm kind of concerned about: how much data does the iPhone use on average? Will 2 GB be enough?


Also, as a subtopic, how does the messaging 1000 plan work? Does it mean that I can send 1000 texts/pics and also receive 1000 texts/pics, or is it 500 each? What about for 2 GB data? How does that work?


This last question may be a stupid question, but will the two lines share the same phone number, or will each get a different number?