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I've been on quite a journey.

My end goal is to have XP recognize my two ATI Cards (HD 5800 & 9800 XT).

What I've gotten so far is if I remove One of the cards I can install the appropriate Driver (HD 5800).

However when I plug the second card in and boot up I get an error saying the ATI Driver is not installed and neither card is recongnized.

Device manage doesn't even shoe the VGA compatible device.


So, is there a way to either get both cards running OR have it toally ignore the second card/display so I can still have the machine see that I have the HD 5800?


I'm going bald from all the head scratching.


Thanks in advance

Mac Pro, Windows XP Pro, Two graphics cards in XP
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    The Mac Pro workstation last model was 5,1.


    Why would you want a 2nd ATI card anyway that is that old.


    The other thing, my nVidia 9800GTX requires power and a Mac Pro only has enough to power the 5800.


    Besides, you want to use a Mac Pro, and use your system, you will need Windows 7 x64.

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    OK, My bad. Its 1,1.

    How I got to this point as far as hardware.

    the MacPro came with the 9800XT.

    I bought an apple cinema Display with mini display port.

    I then bought the HD5800.


    I'm happy with what I have it works great in 10.6.7


    That said my question still stands, I think.


    Will XP simply not allow me to use these two cards?


    Will windows 7 x64?


    This is a simple matter of because its there and the ability to fire up steam and play the games my buddies are.