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I have an iPhone4 around a year old running iOS 4.3.3.


I don't know when this problem started... I usually charge before hitting 30% battery.  Of course the one time I need to use the phone for an emergency and don't have a charger handy I have a problem


At 29% battery the phone will shut itself off and show the charge screen.  If I do a hard reset the phone will come on... boot up... then turn itself off again.


If I charge the phone to 30-31% it will work perfectly fine until it hits 29%.  I've repeated this a dozen times to make sure.


I've tried everything I can think of to try to fix this problem.  I can't really find anyone else with the exact same problem.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Found someone that fixed the issue doing a fresh clean restore to factory.   I will give this a try... I'm just about at my wits end with this phone.

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    Well I didn't restore... either the hard reset fixed it... or when I removed all my apps only putting back the ones I actually use.


    Appreciate the help folks LOL.

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    I have exactly the same problem ...

    tried restore from backup resolved the issue for couple of days then it returned back to the same ...problem..

    i think i'll try restoring as a new iphone and see


    btw is this with JB or not ?

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    Actually sounds like the battery callibration is out of whack. Doing the hard reset probably put it back in whack. Another thing you can try now is to let it run down til it shuts off again then recharge to 100%. Do this a couple of time to get the calibration back on track.

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    Yes, I have found at times that you are using the iPhone many various functions then you should get in the habit of turning phone off for awhile.

    I have also seen that when I take numerous photos, videos on phone that building up of library is hard on other functions, sometime just answering the phone! I do delete the items from phone but think that that too is hard over time. Then I turn to restore to factory.

    There is no rebuild hard drive other then a clean restore to factory setting! I believe that you have to remember that this is not just a phone it is a little computer and a powerful one at that! A clean restore seems to work best at times.

    My last helpful hint would be that as justchil said if your not using an app remove it. I have not found any hard information if that apps can interfere or work against one another but I would not bet against it! I come from way back of working on the Mac when it was imperative when running certain programs you had to disable various extensions.

    Good Luck John

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    I tried the battery pro boost magic app and it helped

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    i am facing the same problem since past 10-15 finally i have formatted the phone and hope it gets sorted out.................this is really getting on the nerves because my phone goes off at 48-50% tats really really annoying...........

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    my iphone still wont work and i did EVERYTHING and I even went to the apple store to fix and it still wont work what should i do?

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    Guyz try the battery pro boost magic app it really helps and restoring helps as well

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    So I have that app and it is slowly going back to the way it was before the app should I just get a new phone?

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    I am also going through similar problems and now the problem has got even big the phone shuts off at 100% battery or some times at 88% or whatever it finds appropriate.............

    has any body tried with a battery replacement??????

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    Try the following:-

    1- restore the phone to a fresh software

    2- charge fully and keep it for some time plugged, preferably use the app battery pro boost magic

    3- let it discharge fully and keep it for some time (hours)

    4- repeat step 2


    best of luck

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    Strange how a year and a half later people are still having the problem, and with a different device I'm using a 4s on 5.1.1 jb, saw a similar thread with a 4s (both white 64gb by the way) and he was running 6.0.1 non jb, so it can't be a jb problem and it can't be firmware version, it's obviously a battery issue, the fix is to either put up with it or pay apple for a replacement battery (mine only lasted 6months) or don't buy an iPhone again which I'll defo not do again, paid £300 upfront and still have to pay £37 (£38 now as o2uk put it up!) for another year, for a malfunctioning device? Disgusting.

    So now that I Refuse to buy iPhones that only last 6months I also refuse to buy android or Samsung devices for similar reasons, lagging, freezing ect

    I'll be back to Nokia at the end of my contract

    And this problem will still be denied by everyone at apple stores who say its software! Bull!!!

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    My phone gets switched off when it reaches below 50%. Let me know if anyone has tried replacing the battery. Did it work? Or let me know the best solution for this.

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