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I bought the apple branded HDMI adapter for my new IPad 2.  When I plug it in it will give me a black screen and will, at most, very very sporadically flash the ipad screen for about one second then go back to black.  Before assisting please read below to see what I have tried already:


I tried the cable on 2 different IPad2s and an original IPad.

I tried a different cable of the same design on 2 different IPad2s

I tried using both cables on two different tvs and using two different hdmi cables

I also tried powering off

I also tried running for-sure-supposed-to-work apps (although the IPad2 should mirror so that was unnecessary too).


I took to the Apple Store and they had no clue what was going on either.  Anyone know if this adapter is just a defective product in general?  What other things can I do to put my IPad on the was a large part of why I bought it.

iPad 2
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