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Is there a way to use Applescript to force iTunes to buffer a specific time, in seconds, prior to playing an internet radio stream?

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    No. The buffer is tuned dynamically based on current bandwidth speeds and the length of the track being played, such that the last bits of the file are downloaded just as they're needed to be played. Buffering a specific time period doesn't make sense if your bandwidth isn't up to the task (e.g. if you force a buffer of, say, 10 seconds but it takes 20 seconds to download that much data then you'll find your playback keeps stuttering as you playback all that's in your buffer and you have to wait for it to fill again).


    In the case of continuous audio such as an internet radio station, it tries to buffers enough data to ensure that your playback isn't stuttering but you can't predict or control how much this should be.

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    Hi, Thanks for the response.


    Based on your explanation, I would say the “buffer” is the wrong name for for what iTunes calls a buffer.


    I assumed, maybe incorrectly, that the buffer was a first-in, first-out storage area, used for the purpose of storing content such that if the incoming stream stalled for a few moments, the listener would not hear the interuption unless the buffer emptied before the stream recovered. If so, then I would think that it should be possible to set the buffer to as large a size as one desires.


    So what does it mean in iTunes Preferences about Small, Medium, and Large Streaming Buffer Size?

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    The new version of iTunes dont have this option > http://www.apple.com/itunes/how-to/index.html#tips-buffersizes

    I need a bigger buffer Size, how can I change it?



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    Hi asterisco:

    the instructions given to me in this chat series really did not change a thing. Video clips are just about impossible to watch.

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    thomas, thanks for you reply.

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    Unfortunately this is a complete fail for me. I have 7Mbps download - video is fine. But not radio in iTunes. I am limited to 48kbs streams (and it still rebuffers) otherwise it is constantly rebuffering making listening all but impossible. I don't have this problem with competining producs like Radium for example, nor with video. It is only when I use iTunes as a radio (which is the only reason I use it).