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  • eagleVshark Level 1 Level 1

    Smart people choose to use complex passwords that are not easily guessed because that's what smart security experts recommend. Once you tally up a few hundred of them, they can't be remembered so easily. That's why there are methods to prove who you say you are, and reset passwords. It's very common.


    Mohammadjee - you said yourself earlier in the thread that your's had "slipped through your fingers" so are you included in this "stupid" bunch? Too bad all people weren't as perfect as you, they wouldn't even need computers or other devices.


    If a computer/device works against human nature, then it's pointless. They are here to help, and work with, us.


    Again, congrats to all of you who are so great at remembering your passwords.

  • eagleVshark Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence - this is a password to a "backup" we are talking about here.


    Are you trying to tell me that if you lost the password to your Windows backup, you'd have to reinstall your OS from scratch?




    Pat yourself on the back for remembering your iphone's backup pw, and move on.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Yes, it's a backup. A backup of potentially sensitive data. And it can be forced to be encrypted by a IT department if you have an Exchange account. If there were any way to decrypt it most Fortune 500 companies would not permit the use of iPhones with corporate data on them.


    And the worst that can happen if you have to trash the backup is you have to reinstall software on your phone, and lose some game scores.

  • mohammadjee Level 1 Level 1

    Yes it did and instead of blaming APPLE like almost everyone is, you know i decided to do instead of crying for other people to help me?!?! You know what i did? I solved my problem without losing my backup. Yes it takes samrts and so far you havent helped anyone

  • eagleVshark Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence - Nobody is going to be storing important information on their top secret bat-iPhone if they're not going to reliably get it from their old device onto their new one. Sh*t happens. IT folks who create passwords, leave companies and/or die with the password in their cold dead brains.


    Mohammadjee - It does take "samrts" to remember your password, but it takes a samrts-a*s to remind somebody about it AFTER THE FACT!

  • norasong Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem...3 calls to Apple, no help!  Tried all passwords we have ever had for the apple products and the computer..nothing worked!  Read on here about a 'password cracker'  - paid $79 for it as I was 11/2 days into this problem.  What a fraud, do not use elcomsoft.con.  It is a sham!  Finally gave up...lost all my information!  So disappointed in Apple.

  • GMasMac Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem that reared its ugly head last Friday. 

    I wanted to update the iPhone 3GS to newest version of iOS, so we could use iCloud for backup and sharing with an iPad.  Since I could not back up the iPhone 3GS to iCloud, I backed it up to iTunes and I DID NOT ENTER a password when it prompted me to for the encryption.  

    After upgrading the iOS, I tried to restore the iPhone and sure enough it asked for a passcode.  None had been entered.  This is crap, for Apple to have over $140B of cash in the bank and not be able to fix this is insane.  A group of group think losers that think they are kings of the world.  How about adding a simple step before you backup that says you will need a password to restore, ie "Do you remember it":  "enter here to check."


    To those "concerned" that work at Apple:  I backed up using iTunes and IT NEVER SAID ONE THING ABOUT A PASSWORD required. NEVER!!!!!!!  I did not check the encryption box. 


    You certainly had the right "work flow" when it concerned the iPhone Screen Lock Password.  You try to change it and you are required to enter it before you can make the change.  How about that, what a notion, someone in Apple is smarter than the DS that created the iPhone backup/restore using iTunes.  Fire the DA.

  • _-SomeName-_ Level 1 Level 1

    Here another person with the same problem.

    Never set a password for my Iphone backups!

    Ridiculous there is no way to unmark the 'encrypt Iphone backup protection' option in Itunes even after you  deleted all the backups.

    A complete fresh IOS reinstall can only fix it, by that no way to backup, then retrieve all my contacts etc, you serious Apple?!?


    Well to my surprise, after I used a brute force password recovery tool for backups, I got the password!

    It was 'asd' :S WTH!!!

    Right..... I set the password to asd? It is 100% I never set this ridiculous short insecure password


    Seems to me Apple messed up, thanks for nothing...

    I hated Itunes before, but now more than ever, it's such a piece of crap app

  • Abumustafa Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks s lot sersphim it worked for me also

    Just use your apple id with all lower case letters

    Thanks again

  • vinky87 Level 1 Level 1

    I HAVE AN ANWSER THAT MAY WORK for this random password protected backup (i went through this when I unlocked my phone) AND EXPLAIN SOME OF THE WEIRD PASSWORDS THAT PEOPLE ARE FINDING WORK!!! When you back up your iphone and you click (intentionally or un-intentionally)  "Encrypt iphone backup" This automaticly backs up EVERY password that you may have used on your iphone (this is why people are finding that there lock codes are working while otheres say its there apple ID passwords) I suggest using the normal 1234 or 0000 default but then try every password that you can remeber that you have EVER typed into your iphone. I think it randomly chooses a password because i have had the same password since i was a kid ( i have a letter password a number password and a number with letters password) and the only password that I have changed latley to a completley different password was my facebook (which I had the app for on my iphone) and that one worked. So i would suggest using app passwords or even your email password. I kind of think its just randomly chosen out of all the "passwords that have been stored in your iphone" (kind of like an iphone keychain access that you cant access unfortunatley)


    If your a pc user I think that there is some merrit to trying your admin password aswell for other reasons that are too long to explain!


    Also, for people who are using the "encryption cracking programs"( now I dont know much about those) is it possible they are weird random passwords that youve never used because maybe at some point it was a password that was ACCIDENTLY typed in and saved when you were in a hurry tryign to get into a program (ive done this on my computer numerous times and even though that password doesnt get me into the actual program it still for some reason saves :S) if so then maybe thats the random password your phoen decided to protect its back up with.

  • neo213 Level 1 Level 1

    thank you!!! it def worked for me!!

  • oshiii Level 1 Level 1

    have the same problem. just bought a new laptop and decided to backup iphone. then try to turn of encrpt and i have tried everything "1234" "0000" all passwords that i remember. also tried using the unlocker but when it asks for file nothing shows up and i cant find the file any where.

  • ankitmittal30 Level 1 Level 1

    i have same problem i have tried every sigle thing every sigle passpower i have used in my life no luck will apple will help ??? i have my everything in phone.

  • drhanl Level 1 Level 1

    I'm a tech idiot. 


    But, having the exact same problems as described above.  I've tried every password I can think of.  I too am 100% positive that I did not set an encrypted password and Itunes must have pulled something off my phone.


    My stupid question is this:  I have backed up my old iphone to more than one computer.  Would all the backups necassarily be encrypted?  Or is it possible that the backup on my work computer may not have an encrypted password?


    I am at a loss.  I have no other ideas of what to do.  I've tried the password breakers.  I've tried every password I have ever used for anything or my wife has used for anything.  no luck

  • zitzard Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks leabe18...this worked for me.

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